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360° Leadership Feedback: Improving executives in your company

All companies invest in their executives, but not all do so with meticulous care. How do you know which core competencies to develop or if your executives are promoting company values on a day-to-day basis?

This is exactly where 360° Leadership Feedback steps in and makes a complete and structured response and reaction to leadership-competencies of an executive possible. A person of focus receives feedback on an array of competencies, specific to your work environment, from superiors, colleagues and employees. In the analysis, self-perception is compared with the perceptions of the feedback providers and is reflected upon in a follow-up meeting. This enables executives to take a closer look at strengths, development areas and possible blind spots, while hopefully creating new inspiration for their own development.

Whether dealing in terms of personal development, talent management or potential evaluation of executives – you will also find the benefits useful for the company itself.



vieconnect: Providing the cutting edge of 360° Leadership Feedback

vieconnect is the most efficient way for large and medium sized companies to perform 360° Leadership Feedback. Only at vieconnect is a special web application for the entire 360° Leadership Feedback process available entirely online: From the nomination of the feedback providers to the survey all the way through to the final report.

For your project this means: You can focus on the contents, rather than on the process, which is automated and runs by itself. The survey ends one day and already on the next day the evaluee receives results. Regardless if 10, 100 or 1000 executives participate, 19 languages are currently available upon request. For companies, this means saving significant administrative time, effort and cost, and simultaneously, this means an investment in planned and purposeful development of executives.

vieconnect sets the new standard of 360° Leadership Feedback


Benefits of vieconnect

No Installation

— Plug and Play – how software has to be. vieconnect is a web application. Absolutely no costs for infrastructure or service apply. Your project can begin tomorrow – regardless how many offices your company has.

100% Secure

— The security of your data is of utmost importance to us. vieconnect abides to safety and security standards – from https encryption to regular security checks. Our servers are located within the EU and therefore comply with European data protection laws.

Renowned Performance

— We are proud of our tool. An added bonus that others agree. vieconnect was nominated for two awards in 2012: For the Mercur (innovation award) and for the Constantinus (IT and consulting award). Do you also like working with achievers?


— Why make things more difficult than they need to be? Thus, vieconnect is thorough in function but simple in use. The user interface stays user friendly. Tools such as guiding instructions and an innovative to-do list for participating executives are examples of our easy-to-use service.

Real-time Administration

— HR has to keep control of their tools. vieconnect offers a magnitude of administrative functions, as well as a flexible level of user permissions. You are always able to see how far each participant is in the feedback process.

Online Reporting

— Everyone interprets results differently. One prefers printing paper reports while another might like working online. vieconnect does both and offers an innovative Online Reporting option. Selecting questions, filtering, adding benchmarks – you can play around with the data to find your preferred report style.

High Scalability

— Every company is different. vieconnect adapts to you and your individual company culture. From the outer (i.e. Logo design, lay-out) to the innermost values – the survey. We can work together to develop specific measuring tools, that fit with your core competencies perfectly.

No Limit

— When you grow, we grow with you! vieconnect covers the requirements of middle and large sized companies, regardless if 500, 5000 or 50000 employees. With efficiency and enthusiasm vieconnect accounts for any number of people. The only thing you have to worry about is obtaining a modern browser.


— Online surveys do not stop at the border. vieconnect was made for international needs. We currently cover 19 languages and will gladly expand upon request. Even multilingual surveys and reports are available.


— Executives need the overview of what, when, and where something to do is. We have therefore integrated a dashboard where an overview of all steps and to-dos in the process can be seen. Who doesn't like having a nice overview?

About us

vieconsult: Support and Consulting

vieconnect is a product of vieconsult GmbH Vienna Corporate Research and Development.

We are a Viennese international consulting company with a focus on organisational research and development. We specialise in the implementation of the 360° Leadership Feedback and employee surveys for large and medium sized companies in Europe. Together with you, we implement survey projects and help your executives interpret the data and strive for self-improvement.

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